Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Orbotix Launches Mobile-Controlled Toy Robot Sphero 2b

When Yaara reviewed the Sphero 2.0, she found it to be a really fun toy but was reluctant to spend $130 on it. Manufacturer Orbotix apparently heard her loud and clear as it has released the Sphero 2b, a follow-up to the popular toy robot, for $99. Unlike the original Sphero, this one isn’t a ball. Instead, Orbotix has used a cylindrical shape for the device, with two rubber-gripped “tyres” at the side to move it along. In fact, the tyres can be removed and are available in three different sizes. The result is that it’s twice as fast as its spherical brother! Like the Sphero, the 2b can be operated with an iOS or Android device. It will also have several games to play, including using the built-in infrared sensor to play tag or race with other Sphero 2b devices. TechCrunch reports that Orbotix will be creating accessories for 2b including nubby tires for outdoor play. We’ve seen how Angry Birds used the Sphero for its gameplay, so it’ll be cool if other companies manage to use the Sphero 2b as well. The Sphero 2b is not yet available for purchase and there’s no release date either, but Orbotix has set up a page where you can reserve a unit. For all we know, this might just be featured the next time we write about cool smartphone-controlled toys.

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